Israel Return

I would like to discuss the return of the people of Israel from their exile (outside of their promised land). God chooses the children of Israel from 12 tribes for a covenant: for a blessing and a curse. The blessing was that they will be the head of the nations and prosper in everything they do and be happy living in the land (from Euphrates to Nile) given to their forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob if they stayed righteous; and the curse was that if they stop being good people and they stop following the Torah, they would suffer great atrocities: They will be poor, stricken with famine, scattered all over the world, and feel lost among the nations where they are scattered. In this diaspora and suffering, they would gain atonement for their soul and would seek the truth. In their seeking the truth, they would again find God and find the Torah and righteousness. They will decide to be good and follow whatever they know God wants them to do. After a few years of more suffering and gaining atonement in their suffering for their past sins, God will finally forgive them and return them to Israel no matter how difficult it would seem to move to Israel. God will open a door for them and gather them to their people, their nation Israel (Deuteronomy 27-30). Now it seems that after some 2700 years of exile and being scattered among nations, people of Israel are coming back to God with all their heart. They have decided to do good, and we do not see too many Israelites worshiping idols, committing adultery, eating pork, etc. We see a spiritual awakening around the world and an admittance to being lost and seeking God. What happens now? You guessed right. God comes back to the people of Israel and redeems them as promised. How will he do that in practical terms one wonders. Well, the answer lies mostly in technology. The first step would be to have a way to identify every single Israelite. God said he would give the Israelites the land of Israel slowly, and finally bring the scattered ones to join them. First let us define an Israelite. As opposed to what some religious Jews believe, the Israelite status was transferred from the father to his sons and daughters. This is clarified in many places in the Torah. One example is the man with the Egyptian father and Levite mother who blasphemed as mentioned in Leviticus 24. People of Israel were not sure if he were to be punished since he was not an Israelite, so they took him to Moses. Moses asked God, and God said the law was for all nations, Israel and gentile alike so he was to be punished. The other proof that the Israelite status was Patrilineal is the fact that the Torah talks about Israel (from Euphrates to Egypt) as the land promised to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, not Sarah, Rivkah, and Rachel.
I believe, the majority of people living in the greater Israel (including Iraqis, Syrians, and Jordanians) are Israelites, nevertheless, do not take my word for it. If we conduct an extensive genetic research in the region, identifying the most common genetic markers, we can compare and contrast that Y-chromosme (passed from father to son) with the most common genetic marker of the Jewish populations, most of whom we know to be Israelites. Utilizing this data we can determine when these nations share a common patriarch with Jewish counterparts. If it is less than 4000 years (around the time of Jacob), we can conclude that they are indeed descendants of Jacob (i.e. Israel). We can use that shared genetic marker to identify and return any other Israelite ready to return to the promise land from all over the world. The outcome of this study will cause them to have a revived sense of brotherhood, and will lead them to form a united country, much bigger and powerful than each of them alone. At that point every Israelite (and righteous non Israelites) will get land for living and for farming in the greater Israel. The rights include full accommodations and supplies for those who cannot afford them, such as food and other basic needs. This can be covered by the wealth of the land and using modern technology. This will be the biblical prophecy of returning from all corners of the world even if your dispersed is at the ends of heaven (Deuteronomy 30:1-5).

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